Hug a friend, stay warm

Hug a friend, stay warm and …

A not so gentle reminder that the Dubbo Book Launch is tonight! Join us at the Macquarie Regional Library from 5.30 to 7pm.

Yes, I know it’s cold.  Be brave.  The library is heated! And I’m the biggest frog on earth. Or bear … haven’t worked it out yet.  Winter brings out the hibernation in me.

Of course, we’re also offering friendship and great company, washed down with a red and yummy snacks … and the library is heated! Did I mention that? It’s super warm!

This week I’d like to digress from my personal sphere of writing and promoting Serpent Song to chat about another project close and dear to my heart. Mental health and community.

It’s getting dark early and the front moving across the central west has us huddling around fireplaces, drinking hot chocolate and generally staying indoors.

But as we bunker down, please let’s not forget those people in our local community  quietly needing support. As winter closes in, so may the feelings of isolation. Financial pressure may escalate with the added costs of staying warm.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day madness of our lives. Please have that welfare chat. Make that call. Check in with a friend or neighbour. Give out those hugs and smiles like there’s no tomorrow.

Create a safe pathway to open up dialogue.

It’s ok to talk about sadness and struggling. Sometimes shitty things happen.  And it’s proper and appropriate to grieve. To talk things through. And if you can’t immediately help, that’s ok. We don’t always have the answers. But talking with a resolution in mind, brings others into the discussion and together, we arrive at a forward facing plan.

Strong communities are not afraid to address the issues facing them in a practical, respectful manner.  A simple way to contribute to our community’s strength and health this month is to check on someone you know.

And so, right now, I’m off to make a quick call before the evening progresses into a book launch.

Until next week, take care of each other. Toni X