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I love creating stories. One day, not so very long ago, I wondered, how can my thrill of storytelling help others? And so, the village concept was born. A place to connect across the many aspects of my work. A place to meet, inspire and collaborate.

- Toni Grant

The Writer Next Door

Literary travellers. Modern fiction explorers. Suspense afficionados. This is your place to delve into the mind and feels of Australian author and screenwriter, Toni Grant.

The Serpent series is a labyrinth of plot twists, storylines and character development set over seven books. An unlikely journey of self discovery through the lens of organised crime, love and family.

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The girL Next Door

I get it. Writing calls for collaboration. Maybe you don’t have time for it. Or, you’re just not into it. But I am.

In a world of stories wanting to be told, let me help you tell yours.

Offering Girl Friday services for all your writing and copy editing tasks. I’ll help you sort the forest from the trees, the theirs from the there’s and solve those pesky branding conundrums; so that you present your best face forward in your business.

Specialising in health, wealth and wellness industries.

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The GarDEN Next Door

Workshop as in, you know, the other kind. Collaboration and get togethers where we work together, one on one, or within your team, to help you achieve your business goals in branded graphics, type and cohesive presentation.

And free resources to help your garden … errr … business grow are coming soon.


The ViLlage Hall

A personal invitation to attend … community coming together to tell their stories through the arts.

Community projects centred on mapping wellness outcomes through and after significant trauma. Youth theatre productions unwrapping teenage brain development through the eyes of youth and science.

These are just some of the projects I’ve been fortunate to work on. I can’t wait to share the next.

Step into the hall to explore the latest exhibition.


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