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Who is Toni Grant? Author, creative and passionate advocate for mental health initiatives with awareness and recovery through creative processes.

My childhood home was a sugar cane farm in North Bundaberg, Queensland. I love that place. Endless stretches of freedom. The smell of ripening cane. The burn before harvest. Motorbikes. Dogs. Dams. Sheds. Machinery. Small crops. (well maybe not the small crops!)

As a child, hot summer days laid out flat on the grass looking at the clouds. Imagining. Dreaming. Storytelling.

I am fortunate. A simple life paved a pathway for a child with an active imagination and now, many years later, I try to bring those dreams to life through character driven storytelling and immersive imagery.

My inspiration these days comes from time spent wandering our local beach, on the yoga mat, being in nature and of course, gazing at the clouds from my office window, daydreaming and visualising the next chapter or project.

I’d love for you take a moment or ten to check out the site or get more regular updates on my socials.

Sending you much love and kindness, Toni

The Serpent Series

‘This is a complicated moment.’

One has vowed to protect her, manipulate the truth and honour the family cause. Another is hellbent on making her pay for it. And then there is the one caught in the middle. She carries the burden of history, truth and the ability to destroy it all.

Detective Francesca Salucci knows a thing or two about organised crime; and significantly more about keeping secrets. Particularly when the secrets belong to her.

Serpent Song: The series begins with a search for justice taking Detective Salucci from Sydney to the Australian outback. From navigating the Italian Police Force to the glittering Cinque Terre, there’s nowhere to hide in this action packed thriller. A story of love, greed, betrayal and the ultimate test of integrity.

Serpent Sting : Continue the story as it stretches from an Afghanistan war zone to the stunning Fijian coastline. From the pomp of award ceremonies to secretive Venice, Serpent Sting unravels when one person’s unwavering desire for revenge is countered by another hell bent on protection.

The Trouble with Serpents: Italy is on the edge of revolution. And one crime family organisation, steeped in history and brutal ability, is poised to assist the anarchy in a country fed up, bursting at the seams and ripe for the picking.

Set in Afghanistan, Russia and Italy, trust will be tested in this story of family in all its ugly and fascinating glory.

Case Files

Before Detective Salucci there was another. Her name is

Tannum Friday


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