Serpent Song : Long List Best Debut Crime Novel 2018 Davitt Awards

Serpent Sting

“I have a truth to reveal as well.”

Francesca Salucci has spent the last six years successfully hiding from the mafia family hellbent on revenge. Or so she thought.

One Sunday in far off Afghanistan, an act of bravery will open the door to far reaching consequences. It sparks a change that has her tranquil, carefully constructed world spinning on its head.

Momentum shifts. Embroiled again in a complex world of secrets, she and army medic Sinclair McCrae will face the challenges of past and present. With enemies parading as allies, can they still trust her sworn protectors?

In the ultimate showdown, the truth is laid on the table. Secrets have nowhere to hide. And the terror of what could be is rapidly advancing out of the shadows.

From an Afghanistan war zone to the stunning Fijian coastline, from the pomp of award ceremonies to secretive Venice, Serpent Sting unravels when one person’s unwavering desire for revenge is countered by another hell bent on protection.

Serpent Sting is book number two in the organised crime series, Serpent.

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Serpent Song

‘A secret. A traitor. And the girl who changes everything.’

Detective Francesca Salucci knows a thing or two about organised crime; and significantly more about keeping secrets. Particularly when the secrets belong to her.

When a routine investigation places Salucci front and centre, she responds the only way she knows – balancing her actions on familiar hidden ground.

A search for justice will take her from Sydney to the Australian outback. From navigating the Italian Police Force to the glittering Cinque Terre.

But the answers lay closer to home. This time there’s nowhere to hide.

An action packed thriller, a real page turner that tells a story of love, greed, betrayal and the ultimate test of integrity.

Available for purchase now in Ebook format!
Pop into your favourite book seller or go online to purchase your very own copy.  Did you know Serpent Song is available at your local library?

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