The Trouble with Serpents

Book Three of the Serpent Series

‘Trust. Loyalty. And new alliances.’

The Trouble with Serpents

She has a Borgia attitude to her enemies and friends.

Enter the Machiavellian world of Giuliett Seta where words are not what they mean and actions are driven by deep psychological needs and desires. New faces and old alliances are turned upside down when the new, young Capo returns with a heart full of vengeance and pain.

 Italy is on the edge of revolution. The people are fed up. The government is a crumbling circus. The economy is in tatters.

In this new world order, greatest enemies could be your greatest supporters.

Will Francesca, Sinclair and Nicholas overcome their differences to out manipulate the beautiful heiress of the Seta empire? Or will fate step in again and drive a wedge between their fragile relationship.

Trust is tested to its limits in this story of family revealed in all its ugly and fascinating glory.

Set in Afghanistan, Russia and Italy. As well as the Australian outback.

The Trouble with Serpents is the next exciting book in the Serpent series.


The Trouble with Serpents