Don’t take my word for it! Here’s what people have been saying about Serpent Song.



“It’s a page turner.”



“I want to see this one in print. I’m ordering my own copy.”

Alice – Editor

“It’s a real tribute to you. There are a lot of crime books out there and you’ve come up with an original story line about an old foe. Congratulations!”


“Well, I’m reading your book and saying I know where you are in Sydney. I know that place. I’ve had coffee there. I know the place Francesca goes for a run.”


“I’m reading your book and I’m thinking, I’ve been there (in Italy) and there and there.”


“I want to go back to Italy right now and visit this little town called Rapallo.”


“Nice history content with the Mafia.”


“Serpent Song II is eagerly awaited! The book ended with a bang and an epilogue that left me feeling like the end of a Netflix series- I don’t want to wait forever until I find out what happens next!!”


“It reads like a netflix series. Bring on book two!”


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  1. Hi Toni, I wanted to leave a review on Amazon but for some reason I wasn’t able to. Serpent Song is an enjoyable read. The settings in Sydney’s inner west and Rapallo, Italy are familiar to me and your descriptions of the places had me right there. Francesca is a great character and I enjoyed the way you portrayed her as vulnerable, especially with Nicholas. You’ve left the ending open, so I look forward to reading the sequel.
    Maria P Frino

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