Neighbourhood Centre

The Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre Inc (DNC) and Connecting Community Services (CCS) is a not-for-profit community based organisation.

In 2015 I accepted a place on the Board of Directors. Like the volunteer board members before me, I discovered taking on this role was a real privilege. Forefront in my mind was serving DNC and our community.  As well as trying to live up to the legacy of those before me.

In October 2019 I stepped down from the Board after a move to Sydney, however, my interests remain strongly linked to this wonderful organisation.

My passions lie with our youth and mental health. I strongly believe we can build capacity through knowledge, culture, understanding and activity.

At CCS, our focus remains fixed on four main areas: Aged and Disability services, Children and Youth services, Counselling and Family support, Community and Administration support.

Recently a new ‘kid’ was introduced to the swathe of existing programs. Kurrajong Hostel provides affordable short term accommodation for travellers and international visitors in a hostel / back-packer environment.

This project heralds a great milestone for the organisation.  It was made possible by strong leadership, dedicated staff and strategic Board decisions.

We’re not without our challenges. And there’s an interesting road ahead.

The first Community Worker in Dubbo was appointed in 1972. Since that time, DNC has grown and thrived. By March 1974, the centre formally commenced operations as Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre.
In 2018, the Board and members agreed to adopt the name Connecting Community Services. It was felt the new name better captured the evolving role and direction of the centre.

Once the centre was run by volunteers and acted as a community information service. Today, with a great team of paid and voluntary staff, CCS provides a range of free and fee for service options.

Through funded programs supported by local, state and federal governments, philanthropy and fee for service, CCS strives to meet its core commitments.

Connecting communities and providing opportunities for friendship, help and informed advice within the central west region of NSW remain true.

If you’d like to know more about Connecting Community Services, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and at