Case Files

Short Stories : Case Files

Before Detective Salucci there was another. Her name is Tannum Friday.

Meet Tannum. Spy, double agent and all round self obsessed warrior. A rather unorthodox character who slips between the complex layers of her life with all the grace and style of a Rhino in a glass factory. A designated cop with a past and a secret. Here’s her story.

My name is Tannum Friday. I’m a fictional sworn member of the NSW Police Force. My unit specializes in countering organised crime and terrorism.

Four years before I joined the cops, I met a man called Mackenzie Knight. He’s been my handler in The Agency Group ever since. TAG is the number one organised crime outfit in Australia whose members covertly infiltrate the police, government and corporate sectors.

I work both sides. It’s flipping liberating. I have freedom and protection, structure and chaos. And if anyone finds out, I’m dead.

I’m not specifically interested in saving the world from organised crime. That’s just a bonus. I’m driven by a psychotic need to stretch and blur edges between good and bad, right and wrong.

Did I mention Justice Walter is my Godfather? A really decent gent. He owes his life to my father. Now he looks after me. Justice Walter is the only person on this earth I fully trust. And he is the only person in the outside world who knows my secret.

I should probably tell you about Mac. My heart belongs to Mackenzie Knight. He’s sexy and kind and particularly dangerous. We’re complex and tangled and I’ve been blending the clandestine layers of my life with him since I was sixteen years old.

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