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Serpent Song by Australian author Toni Grant, is the first book in the Serpent series. A suspense filled tale of love and moral conflict.

book cover of serpent song, written by Toni Grant australian author

A cryptic message is uncovered with the death of an outlaw gang member. It sparks a criminal investigation leading Detective Sergeant Francesca Salucci from Sydney to outback Australia to Rome.

What Salucci uncovers will have her closest allies questioning her family relationships and connections. Meanwhile, the Italian mob are circling. Alliances are being formed and new business is bringing its own suite of pressures. At the centre is Detective Francesca Salucci.

All but one agree, she has to go.

Testimonial: Serpent Song – the book starts with a bang – literally. The book is an exciting read. It’s jam packed with action, drama romance – with trippy dreams and self exploration added to the mix. Nikki.


Serpent Song is book one in the Serpent series, written by Australian author, Toni Grant.

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