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The Trouble With Serpents

Trust. Loyalty. And new alliances. “She has a Borgia attitude to her enemies and friends.”

Enter the Machiavellian world of Giuliett Seta where words are not what they mean and actions are driven by deep psychological needs and desires.

A world where your greatest enemy could be your greatest supporter.

Will Francesca, Sinclair and Nicholas overcome their differences to out manipulate the beautiful heiress of the Seta empire?


Long Listed Best Debut Adult Crime Novel 2018 Davitt Awards

Serpent Song

‘A secret. A traitor. And the girl who changes everything.’ Francesca Salucci knows a thing or two about organised crime; and significantly more about keeping secrets. Particularly when the secret belongs to her.

At first glance, the investigation into the death of an outlaw biker in Sydney’s inner west seems pretty routine for this celebrated detective. That’s when the fun starts.

An internal power struggle between three of Australia’s most notorious crime gangs slams Salucci front and centre tackling her biggest quandary yet: her past.

The search for justice will take her across the globe – from Sydney to the Australian outback. From Rome to the Cinque Terre. But for this detective, the answers lay closer to home. In a chilling climax, Francesca finds herself caught between her family connections and her desire for justice.

Serpent Song is a fictional action packed thriller that tells a story of love, greed, betrayal and the ultimate test of integrity.

Serpent Sting

‘A secret. A revenge. And the family caught in the middle.’ At first sight, Francesca Salucci has it all. Six years on from the devastation that turned her world upside down, she has a beautiful home in Fiji, a loving family and a promising new career.

Yet, her life is not as tranquil as it seems. Her former career might be a thing of the past, but her affair with the son of a dangerous mafioso is anything but forgotten.

The world she worked hard to build is turning on its head, and her family are in danger. But how can she protect them when she can’t tell her allies from her enemies.

Old friendships renew feelings of family loyalty, shared loss and yearning for another time. Their heady mix will complicate the simplest of actions.

In the end the truth is laid on the table. Secrets have nowhere to hide. And the terror of what could be is rapidly advancing out of the shadows.

From an Afghanistan war zone to the stunning Fijian coastline, from the pomp of award ceremonies to secretive Venice, Serpent Sting unravels an organised crime family’s desire for revenge amidst a backdrop of sex, murder and integrity.

Serpent Sting is book number two in the Serpent Series.


Two real page turners published by the brilliant team at Brolga Publishing.  An internationally recognised and independent publisher based in Melbourne, Australia. Find out more about them here.