Books in the Serpent Series

Books in the Serpent Series written by Toni Grant include Serpent Song, Serpent Sting and The Trouble with Serpents. Toni is currently working on book four in the series, to be published in late 2023.

serpent songSerpent Sting written by Toni Grant

The Trouble with Serpents

Serpent Series: Synopsis

The first Great War is over. The Italian monarchy is leaking power, replaced by the rise of fascist ideology. Now that is gone too. Italy is in turmoil; in the midst of a second Great war it doesn’t want to fight with an ‘ally’ it needs but doesn’t trust.

With no political structure, a civil and class war rages as the fight for national liberation escalates. As the second Great War ends, partisans and Resistance movements merge into the political and social fabric of Italian society.

But something sinister is brewing. It seeps unchecked through society. Promoted as a balmy guise of restoring family and traditions.
It brings hope. And stability.

Unconvinced by the talk and promises, a new breed of underground protection spawns. This new, secretive alliance operates to a moral code. To protect the vulnerable and the displaced.

This is where fiction dances with fact in the Serpent series.

Fast forward to the now. Detective Francesca Salucci finds herself uncomfortably caught in the middle. Her lifelong relationship with mafia boss, Nicholas Delano, is attracting fresh interest.

Theirs is a love story. More than romance. A gesture. Or a partnership. Theirs is a commitment for life. Because lives depend on it. Literally.

Discover a world where fortunes are propped up by mafia led activities. 

Deliciously interwoven with exotic locations from around the globe and within Australia. A place where those sworn to disrupt the mob and protect the innocent are increasingly vulnerable. 

Then there’s the families. Five control the fortune, all vie to lead. But only one has the right. Thanks to a complex insular process designed to protect the families and their fortunes.

Loyalty is complicated. Family expectation burdens. But for Nicholas, protecting Francesca from both brings its own set of rules.

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