Postcards from the Sunshine Coast

December 7, 2022

Postcards from the Sunshine Coast

It’s summer in Australia and this week we experienced the first of the heat and humidity. And I’m so happy!
I’m a Spring baby, and I always feel energised when those hot days stretch on with endless sunlight, sea breezes and a relaxed vibe.

sunshine coast beach sunrise

This week I completed a short tutorial on understanding Goodreads. I’ve been present on the platform for a year or two (or more?) but I’ve never fully understood how it works. And although I’m certainly no expert now, I’m beginning to feel my way around the awesomeness of it. (But you probably already knew how great it can be, right?)

The librarians are incredible. The ability to chat with readers directly is wonderful. And I know it takes time to grow and learn, but I’m looking forward to the process and the interactions.

Writing is no longer a solitary life. Now we have a way to connect like no other time in history. Social media is a great tool. Newsletters a good option. For me though, the chance to interact through Goodreads updates and Blog posts in a two way dialogue is incredible.

Do you love to travel? I do. And I love remembering my trips through postcards. Particularly when the subject matter is a little challenging for my camera to fully capture. Did you know I travelled to Italy in 2019 to research my third book, The Trouble with Serpents?

Going forward, my little blog post will be known as ‘Postcards from …’ It’s a concept I’ve been thinking about for ages, but finding the right format to chat about it eluded me. Until this week!

shells on sunshine coast beachWhy postcards? Apart from their timeless appeal, my stories are set in destinations all around the world. As a I child my favourite game was called Pan Am and I would pour over the map of the world and dream of visiting places like Copenhagen and Rome.

Thanks for coming along the journey with me and for staying until the end of my first Goodreads blog.

Until next time, Toni XX

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