Find Your Focus

find your focus#Find Your Focus

Ever had that nagging feeling something isn’t quite right and despite all your busy-ness, certain key areas of your work or life remain well, let’s just say PROCRASTINATION has nothing on what’s going on there.

So, where is your focus? Ask yourself WHY? And more tellingly, WHY NOT?

Moment of truth. For me, the WHY NOT posed a greater insight into where my head was at. On a personal level, the last 65 days could best be described as

  • challenging, and filled with
  • gut wrenching sadness
  • joy
  • change
  • fear
  • sadness

Looking out my office window today, I began to wonder. Where was my focus?

I’ve been busy, doing this and that, focusing here and there, but why can’t I get back to the main area of business – writing. There’s a third book to finish. I’ve already pushed the finish date out by six months so why, why, why can’t I get into it?

I composed a mind map because that’s the easiest way for me to organise my thoughts, ask the tough questions of myself and find OUTCOMES.

“What am I doing about it?” is just as important as asking “Why not”. Let us remember sometimes, no action may in fact be the answer. But not in my case. To be perfectly honest, grief, fear and loss of confidence is my answer. So what am I doing about it?

I’m getting right back on the horse so to speak and riding through that fear. That USB is in the back of the computer as we speak and I’m pushing through, getting lost in my characters and letting them speak for me, as it should be when you’re a fiction writer.

If you’re feeling a little off your game maybe you could try it too. Write a list, a table, draw a picture or perhaps you’d like to share a different method with me through Instagram Pinterest