Venice Dreaming

Venice dreaming. There’s nothing like writing about another country to make you yearn for it. To be completely and absolutely absorbed in it.

2010. The last time I was there. In that amazing place. A country of contrasts and contradictions. Where my ancestors lived and breathed the tyranny and joy that is Italia. Where, before coming to Australia to forge a new life, my grandparents were born and grew to adults.  A place where my cousins live now.

I can’t tell you how much I miss it. The arts. The secret places. Endless history. The food!

Where did this melancholy come from? Editing. In my head I’m stationed in Venice. Smack bang in the middle of it. Secret spaces in San Marco at night. Tantalising alleyways of San Polo and Santa Croce. La Giudecca.

My characters have found themselves in Venice in the most dire of circumstances. It’s mysterious. It’s magical. It offers so much as only Venice can in the heart of winter!

And yet bound by a secret that demands to be protected by life itself, these characters explore their responsibilities and desires. To each other. And those who are most vulnerable.

Unfortunately for me, a quick trip across the seas at this point in time is akin to flying to the moon. So, where my memory and photographs from our 2010 visit fail me …

Hello Pinterest!

And what a mighty reminder it provides. Emotive photographs of this place spurs imagination and an increased desire for mystery. Absolutely perfect for the eternal romantic – or crime writer! Can you imagine it?

And the books.

Reading the Secret Gardens of Venice by Cristiana Moldi-Ravenna and Tudy Sammartini, is not helping at all! I’m ready to book the first plane to Marco Polo, Venice’s international airport.

And so, the next best thing, I can only imagine, is to get myself to Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Italian Food and Wine Festival is Sunday 25 June from 11am to 9pm at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens.

Are you missing Italy as much as I? Does the thought of travelling to this magical land entice you? Are you at the point where you can only think of Italy? Then let’s do it! The next best thing. Let’s get ourselves to Melbourne this weekend.

Find out how Italians do it better at the Food and Wine Festival 2017.

Don’t forget the cannoli! Toni X     Book Here