I’m late, I’m late

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date … Yes! It’s Thursday Blogday!

I’m late but I do have an excuse. I’m back writing. It’s very exciting.  Perhaps not for my children who can now look forward to endless meals of hot chicken and chips! Who has time to cook? Lucky for me, they can now prepare a meal so it’s all G.

So, I’m editing the second book. The sequel to Serpent Song.  It’s called Serpent Sting.  I thought when I last looked at it 18 months ago it was a real gem.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the story itself is awesome.  The structure not so great. And some of the sentences need a little more action and a little less telling. You get my drift?

That’s the benefit, you see. The benefit of time and space.

It’s why when submitting your story to a publisher it’s super important to consider time and space. I’m no expert on the matter of publishing – I’m still in the rosy glow of publishing my first novel. However, I did a little research before I sent my baby off to be rejected a hundred times.

One key piece of advice I followed was to allow time for your project to settle.

This is your baby. It’s your creativity. It’s hard enough to make that move to show it to the editing world in the first place. So, you want to present the very best of it that you can.

So I beg you, don’t attach the file and submit the minute you finish the manuscript.  Give yourself some latitude. Be late.

After a glass of good red, or in my case, a small tipple of Bundaberg Rum, you may want to change an aspect of your story.  For instance, today I discovered a whole new theme to introduce into my sequel, Serpent Sting. You can imaging my extreme excitement as I planned and unravelled how this new piece of information was going to exactly fit into the storyline. And enhance the story and enjoyment for my readers.

Because isn’t that why we write? To entertain our readers.

And now, I do have to apologise.  I need to get back to the Sting and editing.  I hope you have a great evening and give yourself plenty of time and space to savour your project, whatever it may be.

Until next week, take care, stay warm, Toni X