Thursday Blog day

Yes! It’s Thursday! Clean up day. Bin Day. Blog Day.

Do you have a routine like that or is it just me? Call me crazy but I can’t sit until the jobs are done.  I tell myself mundane jobs are great. They provide uninterrupted thinking time – plotting the next chapter, getting into the heads of my characters … thinking about Mothers Day.

For those of us who live in Australia, Sunday is Mothers Day.  A day that’s sure to bring about a lot of emotion – sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

Usually I spend Mothers Day at the football fields.

We’re smack bang in the middle of representative season in May. In the western football world, mums (and dads) embark on a road trip to watch our babies play. Last year it was a particularly soggy day in Young.

None of us minded.  Young desperately needed the rain and we were happy to be there, cheering from under the extensive awning attached to the club house.  The coffee was awesome and the canteen was well stocked with all the favourites. What could be better than that?

In all it was a great day out. And it was made better by the friendship shared and a common bond. This was a special day. A day to celebrate being a mum; a woman with a pivotal role in the relationships around us.

Whether you have children or not, being a woman on Mothers Day holds significant meaning.

I think deep in our psyche we humans look to women for leadership, strength, warmth and compassion. We search for love, assurance and acceptance.

As children we are guided by the women around us. For me, it didn’t really dawn on me how much I was influenced by the women in my life, until I delved into the complex world of relationships.

And then I was fortunate to have children. Being a mum made be realise that the mumma bear instinct to protect is alive and well. That children are the most absolute, precious, little beings on earth, even if they are taller than you now! No other relationship in my life makes me feel the intensity and range of emotions than I do with my children.

From the absolute highs celebrating their joy and success to the truly testing moments when you’re at your wits end. When their heartbreak hits you right in chest and all the emotions in between. Life as a mum is like riding a galloping horse, blindfolded.

And then those babies come to you and give you the world’s biggest hug. No words, just a hug. Or they share a secret.

And they thank you.

So you realise all the tears, all the late night worrying and all the manic juggling of work, schedules, bills and endless grocery shopping are absolutely worth it.

And, if you’re like me, you hope that one day, they’ll look back and recognise the positive role models you introduced into their lives. A new cycle begins.

Don’t leave it to this very special day.  Make every day count. Gather those babies to you, even the furry kind, and give them a great big hug.

We all have something positive to give.

Happy Mothers, Aunt, Sister, Daughter, Godmother, Grandmother, Niece Day! See you on the football sideline, Toni X.