Meet Tannum Friday

Before Detective Salucci there was another and her name is … Tannum Friday

Meet Tannum. Spy, double agent and all round self obsessed warrior. A rather unorthodox character who slips between the complex layers of her life with all the grace and style of a Rhino in a glass factory.

A designated cop with a past and a secret. And the emotional and physical scars to prove it. Seduced into a life of organised crime by her friend, Mackenzie Knight, Detective Friday learnt the hard way. The only person she could absolutely trust was herself.

And Justice Walter.  Her father’s best friend and mentor. Together, they’re on a two person crusade to break TAG. An organised crime outfit that has its fingers across all levels of government and private industry. But that’s not to say there’s some fun along the way. I did say she was unorthodox.

Escape in all manner of heart stopping, single-minded adventures in pursuit of one thing – satisfying this detective’s need to live at the fringe of right and wrong. You may second guess her decisions sometimes, I certainly do, but be assured.  This detective will always look out for number one, and her best friend Walter.

And so, here is my gift to you. View the Tannum Friday series in my case notes as a fictional short story. And what could be better than that?  It’s free!

Please enjoy and I’ll catch you on the roundabout.  Tx