Who Knew? Blog one: Day one

I’m writing this blog as my website goes fully on line and my head is full of football – training dates, trials, A-league semi-finals and of course the rugby starts soon, so, you know, I’m distracted.

But I need to focus. On Serpent Song, the book, the launch … and more importantly on this blog … So, let me start at the beginning. This story began in late September 2010. A chilling nightmare that woke me in a cold sweat and then I promptly burst into tears.

We were travelling throughout northern Italy on a family holiday. That nightmare became the centerpiece of the book called Serpent Song.

In January 2012, I picked the story up again with gusto. Truth was it never really left. Mulling over like a good wine or aged cheese … or was it that I drank the wine and ate the cheese and the story became a lot clearer? Anyway …

It was decision time – a heartbreaker actually. To write versus pursuing a career in fashion and homewares with my label Boni Maroni. Both were very dear to me. An impossible choice. I made the call to the fashion house and kept writing. And the story flowed. Faster than I could type or think.

Serpent Song is a fictional story of a detective who finds herself caught between loyalty and integrity.

Francesca Salucci is part of a highly specialised squad operating within and above the NSW Police Service.  The team investigates and prosecutes organised crime syndicates. Her specialty is Chinese Triad Mafia, but when her investigation crosses paths with the Italian Mafia, Francesca becomes a suspect herself.

Serpent Song is a complex story with numerous themes. You might even think of it as an opera! It’s about family, growing up, love, deceit, murder, loyalty, and integrity. Friendship and belonging. Is that the noise of Year 11 English students groaning? Tragedy and resilience. One thing’s for sure; it’s absolutely not a traditional romance.

Meet the leading lady

So, let me introduce Detective Francesca Salucci.  Despite her day job, Francesca’s a believer. She’s tough and tenacious, intuitive and backs herself. Once she’s made a commitment, she sticks to it – through thick and thin. And she expects everyone to follow suit.

In Serpent Song, Francesca finds herself at a T intersection. She can turn towards her past or forge a new direction. In true Francesca style she attempts to go in both directions at once, becoming further entangled in the crime network she’s investigating. It’s a sticky situation for our main girl, but you know she’s going to find a way out. One way or another.

But it’s not always about work. There’s a softer side to her as well, a certain kind of vulnerability. Particularly when she’s with Nic. He brings out the paradox in her character. But her lover has his own secrets. Reasons to make her hold onto her past.

I love the big brother attitude of her partner Detective Jonathan McCrae. There’s a great playfulness and respect between them. What I really admire is how they look out for each other, even when things are pretty crook. And things get pretty nasty.

To complete the classic love triangle I bring in Sinclair McCrae. All round good guy. Decent. Kind. Determined. The kind you want beside you in the trenches. But is he ‘drive you crazy, can’t stop thinking about you’ lover material? You’ll just have to read Serpent Song and find out!

Well, that’s it from me. The rugby’s calling… Tx